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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Advertise With Wicked Good Jobs
  • Competitive Pricing:  Yearly plans starting $500 for the entire year.
  • ​One-Click-Link Ad:  We will hyperlink your preferred link to your ad (It's a known fact that the more targeted hyperlinks you have going back to your online menu the more money you make. It's a number game)
  • First Refusal:  Keep your ad space as long as you want.  Once you buy an ad space you'll have "First Right of Refusal" on whether you want to continue to advertise on that ad space.
  • Your Target Audience Is Here:  Whether you're a storefront, lawyer, grow & light supplier, delivery business, accountant, custom packaging, consultant, security company and/or anything in between your target audience which includes local customers and business owners within the entire industry are visiting our site every single day.
  • ​State Specific Ads:  Each State on WGJ's has their own unique website URL and ad space.  This ensures only your local target market is seeing your ad.
  • Fight Competition:  Advertising with us is greatly helpful in meeting the forces of competition prevalent in the market. Continuous advertising is very essential in creating a trusted household name.
  • ​Increased Daily Orders:  Whether you're a brick and mortar operation or delivery service; advertising with us will increase your bottom line through driving traffic directly to your store or online marketplace. And, if you do ancillary services you'll be able to showcase your services to all the local businesses visiting our site.
  • ​Improve Brand Awareness:  Advertising keeps your business top of mind so consumers think of you when they require a product or service.  And this is especially true with us since ONLY local people will be seeing your ads.
  • Stand Out:  As the industry gets bigger and competition rolls in its important to find an edge.  Long, well equipped advertising campaigns can set your brand apart from the competition.  It's vitally important to stay in front of your local target market and in a technology driven world there is no better way to do that then with local digital adverting.
  • ​In-House Marketing Co-Op:  And probably the best news of all is our In-House Marketing Co-Op. 17% of all sales go to local advertising. You can be assured that 17% of the money you spend on this ad will go directly back into advertising in your local market. (could be Facebook or Google Ads, or could be having booths at trade shows or job fairs, could be radio advertisement)
Here Is What You Do When You Find An Ad Space You Want To Buy
Step 1.)  Scroll Down This Page To the Order Form

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Step 4.)  Pay $100 To Reserve Your Ad Space (refundable or goes towards the cost of your ad space)

Step 5.)  And Voila'... A Customer Support Manager Will Reach Out To Complete Your Order
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ONE TIME OFFER: Need artwork for your Ad? Statistics show that high res HD ads with a great “call to action” are 74% more likely to be clicked than a boring ad with no CTA. For this reason we’re offering our marketing services to at a discount. If you want our team to do your ad’s artwork for you its normally $499. However you can take advantage of this special offer for a one time payment of only $199

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  Frequently Asked Questions
What If Someone Else Wants My Ad Space After The 6 Months?
In Short, you have the first right of refusal for your ad.  So if you want to keep your ad for 5 years, you can.  Once you give up your ad you'll be moved to the back of the waiting line.
How Long Does It Take For My Ad To Become Live On The Website?
After you reserve your ad a customer support manager will contact you and select the ad space you want. If we are doing your ads artwork for you than your ad will be live within 48 hours. If you're doing your own artwork than your ad will be live within 72 hours after you submit the proper art work.
What If I Want To Change My Ad
You can change your ads appearance (art work) up to 6 times per year at no additional cost.
How Many People Go To The Website?
We're seeing an increase in website traffic every day.  With our targeted local marketing campaigns we only drive local traffic to your states website.  This will increase the conversion rate of your ad.  In most cases with high converting ads your sales from the ad will outweigh your cost of the ad.
Do You Advertise Wicked Good Jobs?
Yes! You can be assured that 17% of the money you spend on this ad will go directly back into advertising in your local market. (could be Facebook or Google Ads, or could be having booths at trade shows or job fairs, could be radio advertisement)
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